We make photorealistic renderings from all kind of CAD data like Solidworks, ProE, Catia and many other CAD Systems. We can use following data formats:

Catia (*.cgr)
ProE (*.prt, *.asm)
Inventor (*.ipt)
Solidge Edge (*.par, *.asm)
Parasolid (*.x_t, *xmt_text, *.xmt_bin)
IGES (*.iges, *.igs)
Step (*.stp, *.step)
AUTOCAD (*.dwg)
3D Studio(*.3ds)
Stereolithography (*.stl)
VDA (*.vda)
VRML (*.vrml, vml*)
Wavefront OBJ (*.obj)
Point files ( .asc, .csv, .tyt, .xyz, .cgo, .ascii)
We have experts in mechanics, materials,
graphics, CAD CAM systems and mathematics.
Artistic shaping of material is the scope of our bussines.
Photorealistic Rendering
We make:
Photorealistic Renderings. You can use it everywhere:
marketing, product presentation, posters, publications...
You have:
models in any CAD Format. CAD models are not
suitable for posters, marketing purposes in
magazines, advertisement, product presentations.
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Your CAD Model
Our Photorealistic Renderings
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Our Photorealistic Renderings:
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